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Student Handbook - Who's Who at Rice

President David W. Leebron
Provost George McLendon
Vice President for Administration Kevin Kirby
Vice President for Finance Kathy Collins
Vice President for Enrollment Chris Munoz
Vice President for Investments and Treasurer Allison Thacker
Vice President for Resource Development Darrow Zeidenstein 
Vice President for Public Affairs Linda Thrane 
Vice Provost for Information Technology Kamran Khan
Vice Provost for Research James Coleman 
Vice Provost and University Librarian  Sarah Lowman 
General Counsel Richard Zansitis
Assistant to the President David Vassar

Dean of Undergraduates Division

Academic Advising  Brian Gibson x4060
Bands  Chuck Throckmorton x2346
Center for Career Development  Nicole van den Heuvel x4055
Center for Civic Leadership     
Community Involvement Center  R. Mac Griswold x4970
Counseling Center  Tim Baumgartner x4867
Fellowships & Undergraduate Research  Caroline Quenemoen x3985
First Year Programs  Shelah Crear x4495
KTRU General Manager Will Robedee x2935
Leadership Rice  Judy Le x4717
Multicultural Affairs  Catherine Clack x5124
Student Center/Activities  Kate Abad x4096
Student Health Services  Mark Jenkins x4966
Student Judicial Programs  Don Ostdiek x4786
Student Media  Kelley Callaway x5828
Student Wellbeing  Kate Noonan x3311
Study Abroad  Beata Loch x5836

Other Important Offices 

Athletics  Joe Karlgaard x6920
Cashier  Chris Zalesky x4946
Disability Support Services   Alan Russell x5841
Housing & Dining  Mark Ditman x5440
International Students & Scholars  Adria Baker x6095
Registrar  David Tenney x4999
Student Financial Services  Ann Walker x8039
University Police  Chief Johnny Whitehead x6000

Residential Colleges


Baker College 

Ivo-Jan & Rose van der Werff, Masters
 iv3@rice.edu, rosemary.van.der.werff@rice.edu 

Veronica Bernal, College Coordinator

Scott & Catherina Solomon, Resident Associates
 SES4@rice.edu, chs1@rice.edu  

Stephen Bradshaw & Aysha Pollnitz, Resident Associates
 stephen.bradshaw@rice.edu, aysha.pollnitz@rice.edu 

Brown College 

Jose Aranda & Krista Comer, Masters
aranda@rice.edu, kcomer@rice.edu 

Nancy Henry, College Coordinator

Houston Taylor & Becca Thacker, Resident Associates

Amber & Jordan Szymczyk, Resident Associates
amber.j.szymczyk@rice.edu, jordan.s@rice.edu 

Duncan College 

Luis Duno-Gottberg, Master

Vicki Woods, College Coordinator

Bojan & Maggie Szumanski, Resident Associates

Lauren Caldarera, Resident Associate

Caleb & Brandy McDaniel, Resident Associates
caleb.mcdaniel@rice.edu, brandy.mcdaniel@rice.edu 

Hanszen College 

Paul & Klaudia Brace, Masters

Joyce Bald, College Coordinator

Alan & Rebecca Russell, Resident Associates
alan.g.russell@rice.edu, russellr@rice.edu 

Diana & Danny Garcia, Resident Associates
dmgarcia@rice.edu, danny.d.garcia@rice.edu  

Jones College 

Michel & Melanie Archard, Masters
achard@rice.edu, melanie.archard@rice.edu  

Michelle Bennack, College Coordinator

Linda Evans, Resident Associate

Ian Schimmel & Allison Leedie, Resident Associates

Lovett College 

Jose & Mayra Onuchic, Masters
jose.onuchic@rice.edu, mayra.h.onuchic@rice.edu 

Sharon O'Leary, College Coordinator

Angel Marti, Resident Associate

Molly Slattery, Resident Associate

Laura Sponaugle, Resident Associate

Martel College 

Ted & Beata Loch-Temzelides, Masters
tedt@rice.edu, bloch@rice.edu 

Marie Byrne, College Coordinator

Adrienne & Thiago Correa, Resident Associates
ac53@rice.edu, tbs2@rice.edu 

Grant Alford & Lauren Neatherlin, Resident Associates
ga6@rice.edu, lauren.neatherlin@rice.edu 

McMurtry College 

Karim Al-Zand & Dereth Phillips, Masters
alzand@rice.edu, derethp@rice.edu 

Tabitha Stanley, College Coordinator

Brad Blunt, Resident Associate

Simon Fischer-Baum & Ozge Gurcanli, Resident Associates
simon.j.fischer-baum@rice.edu, ozge.grcanli@rice.edu  

Sid Richardson College 

Ken Whitmire, Masters

Corinne Camarata, College Coordinator

David Messmer & Norie Guthrie, Resident Associates
dmessmer@rice.edu, slg4@rice.edu  

Marcie & Charles Newton, Resident Associates
mdnewton@rice.edu, charles.newton@rice.edu 

Wiess College 

Alex & Jeannette Byrd, Masters
axb@rice.edu, jhbyrd@rice.edu  

Ewart Jones, College Coordinator

Emilie Ringe, Resident Associate

Renata Ramos & Lenin Terrazas, Resident Associates

 Will Rice College 

Bridget Gorman & Mike Reed, Masters
bkgorman@rice.edu, michael.t.reed@rice.edu  

Joyce Courtois, College Coordinator

Tami & Jacob Andrew, Resident Associates

Jason Sosa, Resident Associate