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Teaching Awards

George R. Brown Teaching Award

The George R. Brown teaching prizes are awarded at Commencement each year on the basis of voting alumni who graduated with four-year undergraduate degrees two years and five years previously. They are funded by a generous endowment from the Brown Foundation, which also provides funds in support of innovative teaching projects and the administration of the student teaching evaluations at the end of each semester. The Brown Awards were first made in 1967 and have been given each year since.

These Awards are highly regarded by faculty and students. There are many fine teachers each year who consistently receive a number of votes and appreciative comments from alumni but not enough to qualify them for one of the prizes.

The administration of the balloting is handled by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates. The ballots are mailed to approximately 1200 alumni each spring. The ballots are then tallied and the results are evaluated by a committee composed of the Provost, the Dean of Undergraduates and one academic dean. The final selection is made by this committee.

Nicolas Salgo Award

The Nicolas Salgo Award is funded by the Noren-Salgo Foundation and Rice University. Awards have been given since 1966. Voting for this award, which is normally given to one faculty member, is by the current junior and senior classes. Ballots are distributed by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates and final selection is by the same committee which chooses the Brown Awards.