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Sample Petition

September 23, 20XX

Mailing Address
Houston, TX 77251

Dear Members of the Committee on Examinations and Standing:


I request approval to add English 381 after the add deadline. Three days before the deadline for adding courses, I was hospitalized for a broken leg after an auto accident in Galveston, and I was unable to submit my drop/add form on time.


Please approve my request because I could not anticipate this accident and I have done all the work for the class to date. I have been attending the class regularly since the second week of the semester, and I have Professor X's approval to add the class. A memo indicating the instructor's approval and a memo confirming my circumstances from Dr. XX, the college master will be sent directly to EXS@rice.edu. Letters from the physician in Galveston and, and a photocopy of the accident report are also attached.




Full Legal Name, Student ID

Residential College

Phone Number


NOTE: A petition to drop classes would be worded similarly, but student should state that he/she stopped attending the class early in the semester, or never attended, and did not complete any assignments or exams. If you missed the deadline because of a medical emergency, or family crisis, you will need to submit supporting documentation. A confirming statement from the professor must be written on department letterhead or emailed directly to EXS@rice.edu.