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When corresponding with the Cashier's Office, always include your full name & student ID number.



Statement Due Dates

Tuition and Required fees for the Fall and Spring semesters are always due the same date each year. Those dates are listed below. Failure to pay by the due date will result in an additional late payment fee.


For more information on payment plans, please visit the Payment Plan Information page.


Additional charges that are added to student accounts from month to month are due by the date listed on the monthly statement in the upper right hand corner. The statement due date does NOT extend the due date for Tuition and Required fees.



Fall Semester  
Incoming Freshmen August 1st
Returning Students August 10th
Graduate Students August 15th
Spring Semester 
All Students January 5th
Summer Semester Varies in the middle of May


Online Account Access

Students may go to  the Rice website: www.rice.edu  and log in via Esther to view current account information through Bill Payment Suite. Authorized Users may go to: www.rice.edu/billpay to view a student's account. For more information regarding the Bill Payment Suite just click the 'Bill Payment Suite Information'  or the 'FAQ' link found in the left navigation menu .

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are accessing Esther from my.rice.edu, you may not be able to access Bill Payment Suite. To solve this problem, open a new browser window and go to esther.rice.edu.

  • PLEASE NOTE: you must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to access the Bill Payment Suite. Simply click the following link to install the Adobe Flash Player for FREE!    

  • http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Checks submitted to the Cashier's Office for payment may be converted into an electronic fund transfer from your account.