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Student Accounts and Cashier's Office


Welcome to Rice University's Student Accounts and Cashiers website.  The Student Accounts and Cashier's Office is a unit of the Controller's Office that provides quality service and information by maintaining accurate financial records and communicating policies and information to students concerning their accounts.

To better serve you, when corresponding with the Cashier's Office, always include your full name & student ID number.



News and Announcements   


  • New Health Insurance information:
    The Cashier Office has implemented a new process for Health Insurance -  All active students will receive an IS Hold until the student has waived or enrolled in insurance.  Please make sure to waive or enroll by the deadline Sept 2, 2016.  
      ***We will not be placing the insurance charge on the student account until the student has  officially enrolled in insurance.***

  • The Cashier Office will be moving from a flat late fee structure to a percentage based late fee.
  •                *** Late Fees will be assessed MONTHLY at 1.5% of the outstanding balance.***

  • The Cashier Office has partnered with Flywire for international wire payments. This option will offer students lower fees and better exchange rates.  To get started click here    

Statement Due Dates

Tuition and Required fees for the Fall and Spring semesters are always due the same date each year; click here for the Due Dates. Failure to pay by the due date will result in an additional late payment fee - 1.5% of the outstanding balance.  

For more information on payment plans, please visit the Payment Plan Information page. 

Additional charges that are added to student accounts after the original billing has occurred are due immediately.  Monthly statements are generated for informational purposes only.  The statement due date does NOT extend the due date for Tuition and Required fees.  

Online Account Access

Students may go to  the Rice website: www.rice.edu  and log in via Esther to view current account information through Bill Payment Suite. Authorized Users may go to: www.rice.edu/billpay to view a student's account. For more information regarding the Bill Payment Suite just click the 'Bill Payment Suite Information '  or the 'FAQ' link found in the left navigation menu .