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Telephone Service

Telephone service provided to the residential colleges include these features:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Calls can be put on hold or transferred to a campus extension
  • Three-Party Conference calls
  • Four-digit dialing for campus calls
  • Free domestic long-distance service
  • Domestic long-distance service is provided at no cost to students as long as they do not abuse this privilege.

For international long-distance service, students can pick a carrier of their choice and use long-distance services through their assigned toll-free numbers or calling card, purchase prepaid calling cards or utilize a cell phone. (See Appropriate Use Policy)

Bring Your Own Phone
College residents will need to supply a telephone their room/suite. In each of the college rooms/suites, there is only one telephone jack in which to connect your telephone. Telephones should be analog. If you wish to use caller ID, select a telephone with this capability.

Phone Number
Each room/suite will have an assigned number that can receive direct-dial calls from outside Rice University using 10 digits: 713-348-xxxx. As part of the campus telephone system, rooms can receive or make calls within Rice only using the four-digit extension, such as 5555 for telecommunications.

A required fee of $15 per semester will be billed via the Cashier's Office for each college resident. (All students who reside on campus will be charged equally for this fee, which is not optional regardless of usage.) This fee is for local and domestic long distance calling service only. For international service you will need to sign up with an outside telephone carrier (Resicom, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).

Students can contact Telecommunications at 713-348-5555 with questions or visit the website at https://docs.rice.edu/confluence/display/ITDIY/Telecommunications+Services+and+Rates

Appropriate Use Policy
Use of the telephone service on campus must abide by all federal and state laws and rules of conduct of Rice University. In addition, the telephone service is considered a shared resource of the university. As such, use of the telephone service is to be consistent with any other shared resources on campus and is not to be abused or monopolized. The telephone service is only to be used for normal residential calling and not to be used for data connections or any other type of nonresidential non-voice communications. Suspected abuse will be investigated and should it persist after a probationary period, calling privileges will be terminated. What is considered abusive or excessive usage will be determined at the sole discretion of the university.

Telephone Service for Off-Campus Students will not be charged the Rice telecommunications fee. Students who live off campus will need to contact local telephone service providers for service in their residences and make long-distance and international arrangements.