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Dear Rice Families,

"Nothing happens until you do something!" 

These are the wise words of my late brother, Owen Hopkins, a person driven to teach and inspire young minds. He created science displays for schools and libraries, designed science learning spaces for children in recreational areas, gave lectures across the state of Texas in schools of all levels, showed the planets and stars to community gatherings with his own telescope, and in all ways gave generously of his intellect, energy, time and resources. And he did all of these things with a passion to inspire others to share his enthusiasm for science. A great many things happened because Owen did a great many things.

As we plan for the arrival of our new students in Orientation Week in August, I am wondering what these new Rice Owls will do. What will they make happen with their own actions? What problems will they identify to which they can apply their creativity and energy? What opportunities for change will they see which others have missed? In short, how will they use their Rice experience and education to become agents of change on our campus, in our city, and in the world beyond?

At Rice, we have created diverse and exciting opportunities by which we expect our students to develop their leadership along with their knowledge, to develop their vision along with their educational foundation, to develop initiative to go along with their academic achievement. A Rice education involves both outstanding coursework and outstanding personal growth. Students will design new medical devices, synthesize new materials, develop new models of governmental policy, create beautiful works of art, craft poetry which pushes traditional boundaries, or reach new heights in musical or athletic prowess, among many, many other possibilities. Our students continue to amaze me with their accomplishments in leadership, scholarship, design, performance and athletics. 

These opportunities present the question to each student: "What will you do?". Because both at Rice and beyond, "nothing happens until you do something."

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Go Owls!

With best wishes,

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John S. Hutchinson, Dean of Undergraduates

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