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Medical Care

It is important to have your private doctor send a copy of your child's medical records to Student Health Services. Your private doctor's current mailing address and telephone number should also be included. Your child should be knowledgeable about his or her personal and family medical history. Students should update all immunizations and inoculations before the school year begins.

Important notice for all new Rice students
MENINGITIS VACCINE REQUIREMENT:  All new undergraduates (including transfers) must complete the meningitis vaccine requirement 10 days prior to moving on campus. Rice must have received evidence of vaccination no later than Tuesday, August 3rd.  Students who fail to meet this requirement will not be allowed to move into on-campus housing. For more information about the requirement, please visit:  http://cohesion.rice.edu/campusservices/oweek/undergrad.cfm?doc_id=13703 and for access to the health data form, please go to: http://health.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=106.

Please direct all questions about the health data form to Health Services at (713) 348-4966.

Families and students should also familiarize themselves with their personal health insurance policy and its limitations, specifically, which hospital to use in case of emergency. Students with no insurance coverage or coverage limited to their home state or home city (e.g., HMO plan) are advised to supplement their family policy with the student health insurance policy offered by Rice. For more information regarding health insurance, see Student Health Insurance.

Rice EMS is an Advanced Level First Responder Organization licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services, providing Emergency Medical Services to Rice University and surrounding communities. These services cover everything from caring for minor injuries or medical problems (situations that do not require advanced care or hospitalization) to providing life-saving care of critical patients until an ambulance arrives to transport the patient. Thanks to funding from the University, all of Rice EMS' services are free. The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) that make up the staff of Rice EMS are students (state of Texas certified, based on a nationally-standardized curriculum) who volunteer their time to help those in need of medical care.  Last year, Rice EMS responded to over 600 calls for emergencies on campus.  Rice EMS is also present anytime there is a large gathering on the campus, such as football games, other athletic events, large socials, or public lectures.  The campus also has over twenty-five public access defibrillators, maintained by Rice EMS, and free CPR courses are offered every month for interested students, faculty, and staff.