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How to Petition

A petition should be written as a letter (see sample petition).

It should begin with your request, followed by reasons for making the request, a description of the extenuating circumstances, and documentation from physicians, instructors, or others that proves your description is true and that your request is feasible. 

For example, if you claim that illness prevented you from submitting your drop/add form on time, you should attach a physician's statement that you were in the hospital or under care at that time. If you claim that you should be permitted to add a course late and that the instructor has agreed to your adding the course, submit a confirming statement from the professor, written on department letterhead or emailed directly to EXS@rice.edu. An unsupported or undocumented request is unlikely to be approved.

Reasons for granting a petition must be fair to other students in a course. Do not say, "I've been working on a play at my college, and I want to drop a course late to avoid a bad grade" or "I want to drop this course after the deadline because I am not doing well and a low grade will look bad on my transcript." Participating in extracurricular activities is not an extenuating circumstance. Wanting an impressive transcript is not an extenuating circumstance. Students are expected to assess their progress and to drop courses before the deadline.