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The Committee on Examinations and Standing

Circumstances that you cannot foresee now may cause you to need help in the future in resolving problems regarding your academic standing. Academic standing involves your status as a student following a program of study leading to a degree. A student in good standing, among other things, registers for an acceptable number of credit hours, has a grade point average above 1.67, adds and drops courses before the deadline, declares a major, and completes courses required for his or her degree plan. Even though you intend to do everything properly, illness, family emergencies, or accidents may prevent you from meeting these obligations.

Students who experience such difficulties must submit a petition to The Committee on Examinations and Standing, a University committee that reviews petitions and handles other special problems that involve the academic rules of the University. These rules are found in the Rice University General Announcements in the section titled, "Academic Regulations." This Web Page will help you anticipate and avoid future problems with academic regulation, and show you how to file a petition: