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Student Handbook - Computing, Networking, and Telephone

Information Technology (IT) is Rice's centralized computing, networking and telecommunications service organization. Further information can be viewed on the web (www.rice.edu/IT/) or call the Help Desk at 713-348-HELP (x4357).

Computing and Networking
For educational computing needs, students have access to a computing environment that provides email services, computer labs, specialized software, data storage, and network access. Working on their own computer or in a campus lab, students can fulfill coursework requirements, store their academic data, print, browse the web, create web pages, and communicate with professors, classmates, friends, and family.

Student-owned Computers
Students are welcome to bring their own computers. Rice does not have specific computer requirements but students who need advice can read some purchasing tips on the web. Information about educational discounts is also available on this site.

Each college dorm room has one active network drop for every occupant, providing a direct connection to the campus network and the Internet. Student Computing Consultants can assist students by connecting the computers to the network.

Students who are customers of an outside Internet service provider can also set up their computers to securely access the Rice network and available resources.

Wireless zones on campus allow students to connect to the campus network. Information about connecting to the network in all of these ways is available online. 

Using Rice's Computers

Computer labs are located across campus, including one in each residential college. Most labs are available 24 hours a day with a Rice ID and proper authorization. Some labs are limited to hours of operations for the building or may be used as classrooms during posted times. Most labs have printers available for student usage at a minimal fee. Some specialized printers (for color printouts, posters, transparencies, theses or resumes) are also available in a centralized location on a fee basis.

Students can obtain computing assistance via the Help Desk and from their Student Computing Consultants, who are students paid by Information Technology (IT) to help solve students' computing problems. To request help, call xHELP (x4357), drop by Mudd 103, email helpdesk@rice.edu, or submit a request online.

Students can enroll in free training classes called Short Courses. In a couple of hours, students are introduced to using specific software applications in a hands-on computing environment. To see a list of class topics or to enroll, go to the Short Course web site. 

Computing Policies
Students using Rice computing facilities and services are required to observe Rice's policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws, governing computer use. These guidelines exist for using the university's computing resources including the labs and the Rice campus network. Violations can have severe penalties. Prohibited activities include: commercial usage, sharing accounts, network games, copyright infringement, obscene materials, spamming, harassment, unduly increasing network load (MP3 sharing, games, spam) and more. The complete text of Rice's Appropriate Use of Computer Resources Policy is online.

Telephone Services

Campus and local calling service is provided to college residents and includes features such as voicemail, caller ID, and 3-party conference calls. Free domestic long distance service is also available. Each college room/suite has one telephone jack (residents must provide the telephone) with an assigned campus telephone number (713-348-xxxx).

For more information, contact Telecommunications at 713-348-5555 or look on the web.