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College Assignments

Rice University houses students in Baker, Brown, Duncan, Hanszen, Jones, Lovett, Martel, McMurtry, Sid Richardson, Wiess, and Will Rice colleges. Students are randomly assigned to colleges; however, great care is taken to ensure that majors, ethnicities, hometowns, home states, high schools, males/females, and athletes, are assigned as evenly as possible among colleges. Thus, only the first two of a group of three or more students from the same hometown and high school requesting to roommate and be assigned to the same college will be honored.

Students are given the option of either requesting to room with a certain student OR to be assigned to the same college of a particular incoming student. Please be aware that both students MUST make the same request in writing. Unless there is an immediate family legacy (mother, father, sister, or brother) within a college, students cannot request to be assigned to a specific college. In addition to students with legacy, students with documented disabilities, (confirmed by the director of disability services), are allowed to request a specific college for mobility and accessibility.

Notification of college assignments are mailed from the colleges during the first week of July (after July 4th).

Updated 05/11/15