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Issue No. 9—Summer 2014
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Spotlight on Residential Colleges: Will Rice and Hanszen

Will Rice CollegeWilliam M. Rice College
Founded: 1957
Colors: Red and Yellow
Masters: Bridget Gorman and Mike Reed
College coordinator: Joyce Courtois
Website: www.willrice.org 

Will Rice College is known for its competitive spirit. For example, we don’t just win Beer Bike, we sweep Beer Bike (winning the alumni, women and men’s race in a single year). No other college has done this, and we’ve swept four times to date. We’re excited to see the fifth sweep next year. My favorite thing about our college is the strong sense of community and togetherness you feel every time you walk into any social gathering or common space at Will Rice. This team-style pride abounds in the friendly and welcoming manner of our students.

—Bridget Gorman, Master 

Hanszen CollegeHarry Clay Hanszen College
Founded: 1957
Colors: Royal Blue and Yellow
Masters: Rob Griffin and Ann McAdam Griffin
College coordinator: Joyce Bald
Website: www.hanszen.rice.edu 

Hanszen College, named after Harry Clay Hanszen, a member of the Rice University Board of Governors from 1946–1950, recently celebrated its 55th anniversary. As one of the four founding colleges, Hanszen is rich in history, including establishment of the foundation of what became KTRU and the Coffeehouse. Hanszen is known as the “Family College” because of the sense of belonging it instills among its members. Our favorite thing about Hanszen is reflected in our unofficial motto: Tradition and Novelty. While we care about our history and show that through many customs, Hanszen students are always looking to create something new.

—Rob Griffin and Ann McAdam Griffin, Masters