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Issue No. 6—Winter 2013
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Spotlight on Residential Colleges: Martel and McMurtry

Marian and Speros P. Martel College
Colors: Azure, Argent and Maroon
Masters: Beata Loch-Temzelides and Ted Temzelides
College Coordinator: Maria Byrne
Website: martel.rice.edu 

Like Rice itself, Martel’s entrance is a sallyport. Martel also includes a rotunda, a popular sundeck, and a welcoming and impressive commons. In honor of Spero Martel’s Greek heritage, the Martel crest is a maroon cross around which is quartered the white and baby-blue Greek flag opposite a Rice blue owl and MC logo. A bronze torch is kept by the masters and is passed by the president to each incoming student before they are initiated into the college. Martelians care for each other, and we think of our college as a big family. We are established enough to have developed some interesting traditions and, at the same time, are open to new ideas. Current and future Martelians will be shaping our college culture for years to come.

Burt and Deedee McMurtry College
Colors: Purple and Silver
Masters: Karim Al-Zand and Dereth Phillips
College Coordinator: Tabitha Stanley
Website: mcmurtry.rice.edu 

McMurtry College was founded by Burt and DeeDee McMurtry in 2009 and is one of the two youngest colleges at Rice. When Hurricane Ike delayed its opening, a large tent served as a makeshift commons. "Murts" soon earned a reputation for being hardy and hale. Their slogan, "McMurtry is intense," refers not only to their character, but also to their early accommodations. 

Reveling in their fiercely quirky Scottish-Mongolian identity, Murts welcome new students with bagpipes and call their commons "the yurt." If you spend time at McMurtry, you will soon hear the clarion call of the conch shell trumpet, answered by the boisterous cry "Muuuuurt!"

While the physical buildings of both McMurtry College and Duncan College feature environmental LEED Gold ratings, penthouse patios and green roofs, McMurtry college is distinguished by a beautiful circular commons and a student-designed lion patio in the quad.