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Issue No. 6—Winter 2013
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Spotlight on Residential Colleges: Lovett and Sid Rich

Edgar Odell Lovett College
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Masters: Matteo Pasquali and Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere
College coordinator: Sharon O'Leary
Website: www.lovett.rice.edu 

Lovett College was opened in 1968; it is named after Rice’s founding president, Edgar Odell Lovett. Lovett’s riot-proof, award-winning, brutalist architecture is a testament to its founding and construction during the era of Vietnam and student protests. Its government, called the Central Committee, is both a vestige of the Cold War era and a model of open and inclusive self-governance. Lovett became coed in 1980; in 2010, it inherited half of the Baker 1955 addition.

Lovetteers are fiercely independent. They pride themselves on their ability to run their college with minimal intervention from the masters and RAs. This relationship allows for a great focus on academic and scholarly achievement and exchange of ideas, as evidenced, for example, by the Lovett College courses covering various topics, including law, entepreneurship and leadership and by the annual Lovett Undergraduate Research Symposium. Lovett works hard and plays hard; in recent years, it has dominated the powderpuff championship, with three consecutive trips to the finals and two titles.

—Matteo Pasquali, Master

Sid Richardson College
Colors: Black, Red and Gold
Masters: Dale and Elise Sawyer
College coordinator: Corinne Brophy Cammarata
Website: www.sidrichardson.net
Colors: This is lacking

Sid Richardson College was founded in 1971. The college was named for a reclusive oilman who never earned a college degree but understood the value of universities. After Richardson’s death, his foundation supported the construction of the college tower, and a friend of Richardson, President Lyndon B. Johnson, spoke at the dedication.

Members of Sid Richardson College are proud to be known as “Sidizens.” Sidizens take care of and help one another. This shows itself in academic pursuits, cultural activities and social events. Sidizens take on campuswide leadership roles at Rice, recently holding positions in the Peer Academic Advising program and the Rice Program Council. Sid is by far the tallest residential college on campus, offering the best views of Rice and Houston. The college configuration, with student rooms surrounding public lobbies and mixing freshmen through seniors, make Sid a very social and supportive environment. Sidizens are also known to be just a little bit “Bad Ass,” a little bit “Back in Black,” and a little bit “Slytherin!”

Dale and Elise Sawyer
Masters of Sid Richardson College