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Health Professions Advising

The staff in the Office of Academic Advising provides resources for students who are considering pursuing a career in the biomedical arena in health-related occupations. While most students are familiar with medicine, dentistry and veterinary sciences, there are many other career paths that lead to jobs in health care settings. For example, studies in the Allied Health Sciences include pharmacy, optometry, public health, podiatry and physical, occupational and speech therapies. The Office of Academic Advising works with students interested in any of these fields and provides information through direct contact with advisors and through support utilizing a variety of resources and a complete library of professional school catalogs, directories, brochures and journals.

The goals of Health Professions Advising at Rice include: 

  • To expose all interested Rice University students to the variety of career opportunities available in the health professions arena, including Allied Health Sciences;
  • To foster the development of, or interest in, health care careers;
  • To assist students in identification of and participation in appropriate developmental programs/opportunities for continued preparation for postgraduate programs;
  • To enhance competitiveness in postgraduate programs;
  • To guide and assist students during the application process.