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General Announcements, Course Schedule, and Registration 
Academic Calendar Fall 2013  
Academic Calendar Spring 2014 
General Announcements 2013-2014 
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Matriculating Student Registration Instructions 
FAQs for O-week Registration 
Registration Holds (How to Resolve)  
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ESTHER - Login   
Placement and/or Diagnostic Information 
Advanced Placement (AP)  
International Baccalaureate (IB)   
A-Level Policies and Procedures  
A-Level (Advanced Level) Description (from Wikipedia) 
BIOC 111/211 Placement Information for New Students 
Chemistry Placement Information for New Students 2013-2014 
Composition Exam Instructions for Students and Advisors 2013-2014 
Language Placement Exam 
Mathematics Placement Information for New Students 2013-2014 
Physics Placement Information for New Students 
Lists of Advisors 
Divisional Advisors 2013-2014  
Major Advisors 2013-2014  
Minor Advisors 2013-2014 
Transfer Credit Advisors 2013-2014  
Peer Academic Advisors 2013-2014    
O-week Peer Academic Advisors 2013  
Specialized Advising: Athletes, Health Professions, Pre-Law and Transfers 
Advising Athletes  
Advising Issues for Specific Groups of Students   
Health Professions Orientation presentation (with audio)  
Health Professions Advising  
Health Professions FAQs 
Advanced Placement Acceptance by Medical Schools (As of Summer 2013) 
MCAT Test Dates 
Health Professions Online Resources  
Pre-Law Information for Freshmen and Sophomores 
Transfer Credit Questions & Answers  
Transfer Credit Request Form 
Courses & Educational Opportunities 
Academic Department Websites 
Area Majors  
Arch 305: Architecture for Non-Architects  
Arch Electives for Majors & Non-majors Spring 2014  
Beyond Traditional Borders 
Biochemistry & Cell Biology Advising Packet Fall 2013  
Bioc 300: Paradigms in Biochemistry and Cell Biology  
Bioc 300: Paradigms in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (Online Summer 2014) 
Center for Career Development  
Center for Languages & Intercultural Communication (CLIC) 2014-2015      
 Study Abroad  
Engineering Courses Accessible to Freshmen 2013-2014 
Engineering Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2013-2014 
Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) Certificate Program 
First Year Foundations Course: Univ 110 
First Year Foundations Course FAQs: Univ 110 
First Year Writing Intensive Seminar (FWIS) Information 
 Fellowships and Scholarships - Preparing to Apply 2013 
 Fellowships and Awards by Student Year 2013 
 Introduction to Research Abroad: Univ 313  
 Undergraduate Research: Univ 301  
 Graduation with Distinction in Research and Creative Work  
 Internships for Undergraduate Course Credit  
Leadership Rice: Academic Classes  
Natural Sciences Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2013-2014  
Physics and Astronomy Options   
Program in Writing and Communication 
Professional Science Master's Program Summary 2012 
Psychology Major and Graduation Requirements 2013-2014   
Psychology Program Information for First Year Students    
Student Taught Courses Guidelines, Criteria and Form    
Teacher Education Opportunities 
Teacher Education Courses Fall 2014 
African Studies 
Biochemistry and Cell Biology  
Business - Also See: Business Minor Program & FAQs 2013 
Computational and Applied Mathematics  
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology   
Energy and Water Sustainability 
Financial Computation and Modeling  
Global Health Technologies   
Jewish Studies  
Naval Science 
Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities  
Statistics  - Also See: Statistics Minor Flyer 
Academic Planning: Knowing Where to Start 
Academic Advising Questionnaire for Undergraduates 
Masters Presentation: Color Handouts  
Masters Presentation: Black & White Handouts   
Advising Relationship Expectations  
Meeting with Faculty Advisors  
Academic Fair Video 2011 
Academic Planning Document for O-Week 2013 
Degree Audits for General Graduation Requirements (ECAPP) 
Course Selection Worksheet 
Course Registration Worksheet - Alternates by Time 
Engineering Course Selection Program 
Special Registration Request Form  
New Student Assistance 
Academic Assistance 2013-2014  
Study Skills and Time Management   
Fondren Library Resources 
Problems with Academic Regulations     
Registering for Less than 12 Hours or More than 20 Hours 
Adding/Dropping Courses & Pass/Fail Rules 2013-2014 
Academic Advising Intervention Points 2013-2014 
Advising Philosophy, Theory and Resources 
The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal 
National Academic Advising Association 
Chronology of Academic Advising in America 
Current Practices in Academic Advising 
Help! Do I Have to Advise New Students Too? 
The Residential Collage - New York Times 
Characteristics of the Millennial Generation 
 Harvard Guide to Happiness 
 Deciding Your Major   
 *Note: Some of the information listed above was sent to the Office of Academic Advising by academic departments or programs and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Office of Academic Advising. The purpose of this page is to facilitate sharing information in an efficient manner while realizing that individuals may differ in providing advice.