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Registering for Overloads

According to the General Announcements, "Students at Rice normally enroll for 15 to 17 semester hours each semester. For most students, this allows completion of graduation requirements in 8 semesters. Students must secure permission in writing from the Office of Academic Advising before registering for courses if they want to register for (or add to) more than 20 credits."

The reason for this policy is clear. Full engagement in curricular (courses) and extracurricular activities requires time, energy, and dedication. Even with no extracurricular activities, students struggle to fully engage in coursework as they increase course-loads, often significantly affecting learning, performance, health, and quality of the undergraduate experience. For this reason, students are prohibited from registering for greater than 20 credits in a semester. Rare exceptions are granted for extenuating circumstances. 

To petition the Office of Academic Advising to register for greater than 20 credits, please submit a Petition for Registration Overload.