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Opportunities and Scholarships


DOSE (Doctors Offering Shadowing Experiences) 

It is our purpose to promote educative medical experiences in which undergraduates will be allowed to participate in clinical activities alongside a physician. Through the DOSE program, we hope that you will be able to explore and become involved in the daily activities of your shadowing physician. If you are interested in this program, attend an RPMS meeting. 

CIM/ Emergency Room Scribe 

“The primary role of the CIM (Clinical Information Manager) is to assist the Emergency Department physician with documentation of each patient’s medical record.   This includes transcribing all the elements of the history and physical exam, as given by the patient and physician; transcribing patient orders and results; documentation of procedures; continuous follow up on the progress of diagnostic tests and transcribing of consults/discussions with family members or other health care providers; recording of the Dx and impression and discharge instructions.”  For more information on which hospitals offer this opportunity to Rice students, contact one of the Health Professions advisors. 

Rice EMS 

Rice University Emergency Medical Services (REMS) strives to provide the Rice Community with quality emergency medical care. REMS seeks to accomplish this goal through rapid response to calls for emergency service, standby coverage at special events, education of the Rice community, and a commitment to compassionate patient care, quality improvement, and professionalism.


--There are a variety of scholarships available.  For the latest scholarship information, contact the Office of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research.