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Students seeking readmission through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates are directed to contact the Office of Academic Advising. The Office of Academic Advising plays an important role in helping students return to Rice after time away (for any reason). Each student has unique circumstances, academic interests and plans, so each situation is handled individually. In some cases, students have been away from Rice for a short time, there are few complications, their academic plan for graduation is clear and concise and interaction with the Office of Academic Advising is relatively brief. Minimally, the returning student should be able to present a detailed academic plan that, on successful completion, would allow graduation by an anticipated date. In other cases, students have been away from Rice for significant time, there are several specific variables to consider and reintroduction to the academic system is necessary.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is the responsibility of each returning student to initiate contact with the Office of Academic Advising to seek approval of their academic plan (4060). Academic plans must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Academic Advising by June 1 for readmission in the fall semester and November 1 for readmission in the spring semester. To allow time for review and revision of the academic plan, students must submit their first draft academic plan at least three weeks in advance of the deadline. The following link provides more information about detailed academic planning for readmission as well as a template to assist with the process:  Detailed Academic Planning for Readmission.   


If a student would like to make a preliminary appointment with a member of Academic Advising before submitting an academic plan, please indicate the following information within the contact email to aadv@rice.edu: 

  • Status as a student seeking readmission
  • Matriculation term (first semester at Rice)
  • Last semester at Rice
  • Rice e-mail
  • Non-Rice e-mail (if appropriate)
  • Phone number
  • Whether you would like an appointment or circumstances necessitate e-mail correspondence and why (e.g., work, travel, job, etc.)