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Study Skills and Time Management

Each year, some students struggle with the academic rigor, study skills and time management necessary to perform well in courses at Rice. It is important to remember that all students at Rice are very talented and capable, but not all students were prepared equally in high school. As an indication of the difficult transition to academics at Rice, one in six new students has at least one "D" in mid-semester grade reports, and a greater number are simply discontent with their performance.

Self-discipline is instrumental to success. Students need to prioritize work and schedule study time. Gathering syllabi, making schedules and avoiding unnecessary distractions are critical tasks. Students should consider the best time of day and location to study. Students are encouraged to be realistic. A balanced schedule for academics, extracurricular activities and health is far superior to an unrealistic "packed" schedule that leaves no room for the unexpected. It is critical to know the available resources for academic assistance and use them at the first sign of difficulty.

The Office of Academic Advising is willing to host study skills and time management sessions for groups of students in the residential colleges or individually (on request). Please contact the Office of Academic Advising for more information on these types of sessions. 


Academic Advising in conjunction with the Office of Student Development and Retention, also offers sessions on Steering your Academic Success which are open to all undergraduate students, and information presented is relevant to new and continuing students at Rice.


Study Skills & Time Management Resources 

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