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Divisional Advisors

Faculty advisors are classified in two groups: divisional advisors and major advisors. On matriculation, and before declaring major, students are assigned a divisional advisor based on academic interests. Divisional advisors are faculty associates in the respective residential colleges who choose this additional role because of particular interest in student advising. Each divisional advisor represents one of the four major undergraduate academic divisions: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Architecture and music students have specific advisors within their respective schools.

Divisional advisors are knowledgeable about requirements specific to their academic division but not necessarily each specific discipline, major or department. They are trained through the Office of Academic Advising about academic rules, regulations and policies, general graduation requirements, campus resources and current educational opportunities for students. Discussions with divisional advisors might include four-year or current semester course planning, graduation requirements, major considerations, study abroad, and other Rice and non-Rice opportunities. Students can change their divisional advisor assignment if their academic interests change.